Monday, July 18, 2016

7/16 Radio Show: Maureen Prinzbach and Bill Severyn

Guest Host, Bob Scholz, welcomes Maureen Prinzbach and Bill Severyn to the show.

Maureen Prinzbach is one of our leading real estate professionals  and Bill Severyn is a former Branch Director and current real estate salesperson, both working out of our Lancaster office.

Together, Bob leads the discussion on Maureen's mentoring/teaching sessions she has with some of our new agents. Maureen explains that she helps new agents learn the business by having them shadow her during listing presentations and showings.

To find out more, listen to this week's show!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Six Places to Drink Local in the Capital Region

Hoppy? Malty? Wheaty? Fruity? How do you describe your favorite beer? As if New York didn’t have enough to be proud of, the brewery scene is continuing to grow at a rapid pace.

If you agree with Stephen King’s wise words, “I work until beer o’clock,” go ahead pack it up, and head out the door to one of these delicious local hot spots and enjoy a cold one.

Adirondack Pub & Brewery
Adirondack Pub & Brewery opened its doors in 1999 and has been happily brewing ever since. With a planned five-year, $5 million expansion, the brewery continues to make changes to add to its history. They have a 4-vessel, 15-barrel brew house with 480 barrels of fermenting capacity.

The brewery offers more than 25 non-pasteurized craft ales to impress even the hardest to please beer connoisseur. With year-round ales and a lager to choose from, there is always something brewing. Adirondack is similarly praised for their seasonal choices, which are welcomed by raving fans in lines waiting outside the brewery door.

Beer Diviner
Beer Diviner is New York’s first farm brewery. Beer Diviner is passionate about drinking local, sourcing nearly all of their ingredients from New York. “We have always recognized the importance of the local – from the farmers who we buy barley and grains from to the hops we pick outside the brewery’s front door,” according to their website.

Their strongest brew is their signature ale, The Divinator, which has 11 percent alcohol content. Or, if you want to taste something totally different, you should try the Got Your Back Coffee Oatmeal Stout, which includes a local grinder’s cold brewed Sumatra French decaf. Check out their events, or invite them to your next event!

C.H. Evans Brewing Company at the Albany Pump Station
With a history to top almost all breweries in New York, C.H. Evans Brewing Company at the Albany Pump Station's story begins back in 1786 with the Evans Family. The brewery bottled its own beer at one of United States’ earliest bottling facilities until prohibition ended the fun in 1920. Neil Evans, also called C.H. Evans IV, revived the brewery in 1999, and the brewery reigns once again.

“I got to speak with my great uncle, who was the last surviving family member that worked in the brewery back in the day,” Neil said. “We have tried our best to recreate what the brew used to be like with today’s ingredients.”

With 12 in-house brews, there are many to choose from. However, the most beloved brew is the Kick-Ass Brown Ale. This ale won three gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival and even received the Governors’ Brewers’ Cup for best individual beer in New York.

C.H. Evans Brewing always has great events going on, so be sure and check out a Beer & Brat(wurst) Night!

Druthers Brewing
Chris Martell saw the need for a brewery and pub in Saratoga Springs, and thus Druthers Brewing Company was born. Chris, alongside the other three owners, opened their first brewery four years ago in Saratoga Springs and have been growing at a rapid pace ever since. After one year in Saratoga Springs, the team decided to work on opening another location in Albany, where they could have control over all conditions and a bigger brewery. Contract brewing wasn’t their thing.

“We are the fastest growing brewery in the region and have no thoughts of slowing down,” said George De Piro, chief pub officer and brew master. “We have managed to grow greatly in the past four years and find it super important to remain aggressive. If you’re not growing at 10 percent a year, you’re doing something wrong.”

George couldn’t say which beer was his overall favorite. He drinks dependent on the weather and his mood. “On a hot day, I enjoy the Dare (Gose) German sour ale. On a cooler day, I enjoy our malty Druthers Dry Stout, which has won two major awards.”

They will be celebrating their fourth anniversary in August at the Saratoga Springs location. Check out the other events they have on tap.

Nine Pin Cider Works
While Nine Pin Cider Works isn’t a brewery, it’s an ideal place to relax and enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Who knows? You may find a newfound love for cider. You may even see the Cider Monster.

Albany is in the middle of the diverse New York apple crop and is a great place to create fermented cider. While only three years old, Nine Pin is the first farm cidery in the region. According to, New York is ranked second for top ten apple producers.

“If you’re new to the cider scene, we will start you off with our Signature Cider and we can tweak from there dependent on if you like something drier, sweeter, etc.” said Alejandro Del Peral, founder of Nine Pin.

Their mission is a simple one – to create great cider. “We have many ciders on tap, and they are constantly changing, besides the core products,” Alejandro said. “Our off dry, sparkling cider is our most popular.”

Be sure and check out their events because something fun always seems to be going on at Nine Pin. This August, there will be a wild mushroom forage that ends at the cidery, where mushrooms and cider are paired for a tasting.

Rare Form Brewing Company
Rare Form Brewing Company is passionate about exploring and experimenting with finely made craft beer. Combining experiences from the Midwest, West, Northwest and Northeast, the owners view brewing as a personal art form.

Rare Form is sure to inspire your desire to create your own home brew. With their Scale Up project, you could win a chance to brew your own with the Rare Form head brewer. If chosen, you will proudly see your beer gulped pint by pint in their tasting room until the very last drop is gone.

Where will you go next for a local pint? Contact a HUNT sales professional today to find your dream home near your favorite pub.

Monday, July 11, 2016

7/9 Radio Show: Dr. Kriner Cash

Your host, Peter Hunt, welcomes Dr. Kriner Cash to the show!

Dr. Kriner Cash is superintendent of Buffalo Public Schools.

Together, Peter leads the discussion on the reasons why Dr. Cash was drawn to the city of Buffalo.

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Monday, July 4, 2016

7/2 Radio Show: Patrick Kaler

Your host, Peter Hunt, welcomes Patrick Kaler to the show!

 Patrick is President & CEO of Visit Buffalo Niagara.

Together, Peter leads the discussion on the history of Visit Buffalo Niagara and Buffalo's tourism.

To find out more, listen to this week's show! 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

7 Foods not to be missed at Taste of Buffalo

Photo by Bill Wippert

Imagine sinking your teeth into big juicy burger or trying a signature pizza. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, how about a generously frosted cupcake or an inventive ice cream creation? All of that and many other options will be available to you at the Taste of Buffalo on July 9-10, 2016.

A pack of dedicated community members have been planning for weeks and weeks, restaurants are prepping for taste tests, and countless volunteers have completed final tasks. The event begins at 11 a.m. in the heart of downtown Buffalo. It is the perfect outdoor event that offers live entertainment and scrumptious food from 62 restaurants.

 Photo by Bill Wippert

One of the best things about the event is how wallet-friendly it is. A family could easily come down with $20 and leave with happy bellies. Each restaurant is required to provide a nutritionally sound dish, and all dishes must cost less than $4.

“It’s an eating frenzy. Come with an appetite or you shouldn’t be there,” laughed Rob Moore from Red Osier.

There’s so much to try at the Taste of Buffalo it’ll be difficult to get started, so here are seven dishes you don’t want to miss.

Beef on Weck Sandwich from Red Osier
Don’t miss out on the regional favorite: beef on weck. “The beef on weck is the second most popular
thing for Buffalonians to the chicken wing,” said Rob Moore. “The beef on weck is one of our specialties.” Red Osier serves this sandwich hot with the customary horseradish. This toasty sandwich is on the kummelweck roll with thin slices of beef, which have been dipped in their mouth-watering au jus. Red Osier has participated in the Taste of Buffalo since 1998 and finds it to be one of the best events of their year.

Pulled Pork Sandwich from Chiavetta’s

Pulled Pork Sandwich from Chiavetta’s
Who doesn’t enjoy a thick pulled pork sandwich overflowing with cheddar cheese, pickled onions and served on thick Texas Toast? It was a hit for Chiavetta’s at the Erie County Fair, and they can’t wait to bring it to the Taste of Buffalo. They will also have brisket sliders made with their barbecue sauce and flank steak seasoned with their signature marinade and served with grilled veggies.

Papanasi from Gypsy Parlor

Papanasi from Gypsy Parlor
You won’t want to miss out on this powdered sugar mess. This is a donut like you have never seen. A papansi is a Romanian donut made with cottage cheese, not dough, which makes it even more delectable. It’s lightly fried and topped with plenty of powdered sugar and housemade strawberry preserves. If sweets aren’t your thing, you won’t be disappointed by their gypsy sandwich. It’s filled with provolone, artichoke and prosciutto. They also have a vegetarian option.

Artichoke Francaise from Salvatore’s Italian Gardens
The Salvatore family loves to share their passion for delicious food, and they are looking forward to the Taste of Buffalo to get out into the community. Last year, their artichoke francaise was a big hit, so they will be bringing it back this year. The dish is sautéed in a seasoned egg batter and finished with scampi butter. They will also serve quinoa, sausage break, and tortoloni a la vodka.

Chicken Wing Pizza by Pizza Amore

Chicken Wing Pizza by Pizza Amore
Who doesn’t love pizza cooked in a wood fire brick oven? Be sure and make a stop at Pizza Amore for their Chicken Wing Pizza that was featured on the Food Network last year. The chicken is slowly cooked, hand-shredded and mixed with blue cheese and Frank’s RedHot. After, it’s smothered in shredded mozzarella cheese.

Cheesus from Cheesy Chick

Cheesus from Cheesy Chick
New to the Taste of Buffalo, but equally ready to please, Cheesy Chick is serving a specialty grilled cheese sandwich, Cheesus, which has mac and cheese inside the grilled cheese. And no, that’s not too good to be true. Also on their menu is a pesto slider, buffalo chicken sandwich, and a Nutella sandwich.

Is your mouth watering yet? Plan on going to Taste of Buffalo and devour the culinary specialties served by some of the best restaurants in Upstate New York! And if you fall in love with a dish you would like to have on a very regular basis, one of our agents will be happy to find a house to make the restaurant only a hop, skip, and jump away.