Monday, August 13, 2018

8/11 Radio Show: Robin Schimminger

Your host, Peter Hunt, welcomes Robin Schimminger to the show.

Robin Schimminger represents District 140 in the New York State Assembly, which comprises all of the Town of Tonawanda, the City of Tonawanda in Erie County, and most of the City of North Tonawanda in Niagara County.

Together, Peter leads the discussion on growth in population and growth in real estate.

To find out more, listen to this week's shows. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

53 HUNT Agents Make The List of Who's Who in Real Estate in WNY

Business First has just released its list of Who's Who in Real Estate, and this year HUNT has 53 real estate professionals on the list of 167 agents. Names are listed in alphabetical order:
  • William Abels
  • Kathy Anderson
  • Amy Benjamin
  • Robert Blake
  • Millie Blasz Achtyl
  • Geralyn Bonilla
  • Mark Bostaph
  • Mark Brylinski
  • Michael Burke
  • Bonnie Clement
  • Adele Cloutier
  • Melissa Colletti
  • Camille Colvin
  • George Correa
  • Carol Czerwiec
  • Stephanie DeMartino
  • Kathleen DiMillo
  • Timothy Domanski
  • Ann Marie Dumais
  • Sharon Frisicaro
  • Chari Himmelsbach
  • James Hoffman
  • Barbara Hoy
  • Erik Jensen
  • Anthony Jupin
  • Jeanine Kacala
  • Beth Klipfel
  • Enas Latif
  • Mark Lemke
  • Judy Jack Lewis
  • Kelly Limina
  • Karen Loffredo
  • Paul Marsh
  • Amy Mayfield
  • Rosa McCabe
  • JoAnne Nover
  • Kelly Poulos
  • Lori Pyanowski
  • Jennifer Ranaletti
  • Carol Lee Rubeck
  • Andrea Ruzzine
  • Jennifer Sennett
  • Bill Severyn
  • Dianne Shaw
  • Jason Sokody
  • LouAnn Spaulding
  • Brian Szkatulski
  • Deacon Tasker
  • Joseph Trifilo
  • David Vari
  • Melissa Weidner
  • Michelle Winer
  • Susan Wood
  • Bob Wozniak
To view the full list, visit (subscription required):

Thursday, August 9, 2018

HUNT Property Solutions Selected to Provide Property Management Services for Kleinhans Music Hall

We are pleased to announce that HUNT Property Solutions was selected by Kleinhans Music Hall Management Inc. to implement a long, term building maintenance program for the historic building. Kleinhans Music Hall is a National Historic Landmark located in Buffalo, NY and is considered to be "one of the most acoustically perfect halls in the world."

As Bill Hibbard, President of HUNT Property Solutions explained: "This is a great opportunity for our company to showcase our services and capabilities." The assignment began August 1, 2018.

For more information about HUNT Property Solutions, please contact

William D. Hibbard – PE, MBA
President & General Manager
HUNT Property Solutions, LLC.
403 Main Street, Suite 628, Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: 716-634-0100 | Fax: 716-634-0200

Buffalo House Flipping Show Risky Builders airs on HGTV Tonight at 11PM!

Risky Builders, a house flipping show that takes place in Buffalo, NY, will be re-airing its pilot episode tonight on HGTV to see if it will be picked up for a full season. Co-Hosts Lorissa Naugle (an agent from the HUNT Williamsville Village branch) and Chris Naugle are thrilled to help bring the spotlight to the WNY real estate market.

"I’m really excited for Western New Yorkers to finally see their hometown being showcased so beautifully on HGTV," said Lorissa. "The Buffalo market has seen one of the biggest real estate revivals over the past few years and if Risky Builders gets a pick-up, that National recognition will mean a boost in revenue for our local businesses."

Even if the pilot doesn't get picked up, Lorissa and Chris will continue to flip homes in the WNY area. "If the pilot doesn’t get picked up, we will be devastated, but we will just have to continue to flip without the camera crews. We are really hoping the ratings are incredible enough so that doesn’t happen though!" 

Both Lorissa and Chris are thankful for the community support. "We thank everyone for their continued support in making sure their DVR’s are set and they tune in at 11pm Thursday, August 9th."

Tune into Risky Builders on HGTV tonight at 11PM!

The Value of a Real Estate Professional

The Value of a Real Estate Professional Blog Title, male and female smiling with man holding paperwork
Once you’ve made the decision to sell, it can be appealing to sell your home yourself. It can’t be that hard, right? Don’t be so sure. As anyone who has tried to sell their home without the help of a real estate professional can attest, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) sales aren’t as easy as you might think. In fact, according to the National Association of Realtors, only 8% of home sellers in 2017 sold their homes on their own, while 89% of homes were sold by an agent. There are some good reasons for using an agent instead of trying to sell your home on your own.

There are many challenges that people face when selling a home on their own that they may not consider. For example, did you know there can be over 20 different pages of disclosures and addendums in a closing? Your agent will help you to not only understand these documents, but also make sure all are all filled out correctly to avoid future liability.

Selling your home on your own can also prove to be costly. 38% of FSBO transactions were to a friend, family member, or neighbor. The median sale price of FSBO to a known person (s) is only $160,300, compared to the median sale price of a listing sold by an agent at $250,000. Those who did FSBO to someone they didn’t know fared a little better, but not by much: the median price was $190,000, which is $60,000 below the final price for homes listed with real estate agents.

You will also have to list and market your home, and that takes more than just placing a sign in your yard. With the evolution of the real estate industry and the methods homebuyers use to research homes shifting to online, digital marketing of your home is more important than ever. Real estate sales professionals have multiple sales and marketing tools at their fingertips. They will use these tools and their knowledge to set up a personalized marketing strategy for selling your home. Most importantly, agents have connections. They know other agents who have clients that may be interested in your home, giving you a larger pool of potential buyers, which means better offers on your home!

A real estate agent offers great value to anyone looking to sell a home. The process of selling your home can quickly become complicated, and agents are there to help guide you through every step of the process with their sales and marketing tools, their connections in the real estate industry, and their knowledge of the market and what will sell your home. Get in touch with a HUNT agent today to keep your sale stress free and so you can move onto your next adventure into your new home!

Source: National Association of Realtors