Friday, November 8, 2013

Some of the things you learn from being a homeowner | HUNT Real Estate ERA

The transition from renting to owning your home is beneficial in a number of ways, but it does take some adapting. Being a homeowner is a large responsibility, but one that is undeniably worth it. The key is to remember that owning a home is actually awesome, while you're figuring some things along the way. Once you’re settled into your new home, you’ll notice how things are different, and you’ll learn a lot about being responsible.

#1 You’re Officially on Your Own
Your financial and emotional preparations have led up to this point. You’ve crossed a milestone and try extra hard to hide how high your level of absolute delight is and find it impossible.  

#2 Your Tax Return Feels like Your Birthday
The first year you buy a house, you usually see a nice, big tax return. 

#3 You Always Turn Off the Lights
You finally understand your father’s obsession with turning off the lights!  You feel your life coming full circle.  

#4 You Get Super Excited to Shop at Home Depot
After months of planning your d├ęcor on Pinterest and endless hours watching HGTV (that channel is so addicting), you can finally put your plans into motion!  Home Depot’s employees now know you by name. 

#5 You Find Yourself Busting Out Random Moves
You just can’t help it.  Your new house is just too awesome. 

#6 Your Hard Work has Paid Off
The paint has dried, everything is unpacked and you realize you are finally HOME! 

Peter F. Hunt