Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How good neighbors bring value to a neighborhood and your home | HUNT Real Estate ERA

What is the true value of living in a home? In some cases, a real estate transaction may be thought of only in terms of exchanging money for a piece of property. Although a home can be broken down into its individual parts to determine the cost of each, there are numerous intangibles that go a long way in determining what it’s “worth” to live on a certain block or street.

Neighbors can be a source of stress for some people, a fact that’s played up on television shows and elsewhere for a quick joke. However, the truth is that many of us want to have positive interactions with the people we might see every day. Many of us try to go out of our way to make sure that we’re good neighbors, especially in times of need.

If you’re interested in improving the value of your home, try to consider what you can do to improve the value of your neighborhood. Perhaps you could organize holiday festivities for your block or get a few volunteers to help you clean up garbage and weeds from the roadside.  You could help out an elderly neighbor by shoveling their walkway while working on your own, or mow the lawn for the couple down the street who just welcomed home a new baby.  Be the neighbor you want to have, and watch those around you join in.

When a prospective homebuyer comes into the neighborhood to look at a property, the condition of the surrounding neighborhood is going to be one of the first things that person will notice. A home will always have a better chance of being sold if the potential buyer sees that people care about living on that block or street.

Giving back to those around you has a way of helping you out in the long run. You might have to spearhead many of these activities yourself if no one else has made the effort in the past, but the final project can be very rewarding. You might even inspire others living around you to take action and show a little more pride in where they live.  Who knows, maybe you’ll come home to a freshly mowed lawn after a long work week!

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Peter F. Hunt