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Moving out of state: Tips for relocation | HUNT Real Estate ERA

Moving out of state is no small decision for a family to undertake. Picking up and resettling in another part of a single state is difficult enough, but when moving to a different state entirely, there are a host of new concerns to think about. Staying informed of what to expect when crossing state lines will make sure you handle the process properly and with confidence.

First of all, make sure that you have the right moving company hired to handle your move. You should get quotes from at least three different companies before choosing one, and make sure to ask them some questions about how they handle out-of-state moves. Federal regulations mandate that moving companies must hand out brochure material about moving across state lines to reside in a new state, which will further explain your rights and responsibilities.

You may want to purchase some mover’s insurance to protect against the risk that some of your personal belongings or furniture may be damaged in transit to your new home. This insurance is typically not too expensive and may be a great comfort to you if you’re making the move across multiple states.

Do what you can to make sure that your packaging costs are kept low. Besides the moving company and their equipment rentals, this is going to make up the lion’s share of your moving costs. Cardboard boxes can be cheap to come by, but are also very flimsy, especially when wet. Durable plastic containers may be more expensive, but for your televisions and more fragile items they may be a lifesaver.

Finding a way to reduce the amount of belongings that are coming with you can help keep your packaging costs down and your trip light. Gather a lot of belongings that you can bear to part with and try to hold a yard sale to get rid of them and even make a little extra cash. Or you could donate those belongings to a school, church, library or other public place where people can use them.

With HUNT Real Estate ERA, finding a residence in a different state is made easy. In New York and Arizona, we broker the sale of high quality properties for people from all over the country. Trust our expertise to get you to a new state without a worry. 

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