Friday, December 13, 2013

Tips for Sellers | HUNT Real Estate ERA

The homes that sell more consistently on the market are the homes that are listed by owners who are diligent in making sure that their home is attractive to potential buyers. Many people who list their home take steps to ensure that their home really stands out and makes a good first impression to visitors. However, there’s always a few ways to get ahead, and HUNT Real Estate ERA would love to share some extra real estate sales tips with our blog readers today!

Staging your home to get rid of the clutter is an important step when scheduling open houses, but where should you start in your own home? De-personalizing your residence is the first step to making your home both attractive and open to guests. Store all family photos, personal decor and any other symbols or mementos of your personal lifestyle. You might enjoy playing guitar, but seeing your collection of Fenders on display may be an uneasy reminder to a visitor of the home’s current inhabitants.

Once you’ve gotten rid of these personal pieces, take the throw pillows, blankets and other items remaining in your home and arrange them attractively around your furniture. However, in keeping your home clean, don’t feel the need to remove all clothing items from the closets around the house. Keep them about half full, as this will help potential buyers see the space of the closet without it looking empty and forlorn.

Lighting is another very important aspect to consider that will go a long way in closing the sale of your property. Keeping your home well lit will make it look open and friendly, while dark spaces can make your guests feel enclosed and claustrophobic. Make the best use of natural lighting and any bright lamps you may own to strategically keep your residence bright and sunny.

Lastly, staying away from the house during an open house is another very important tip for maintaining an open atmosphere for guests. The less you can remind your visitors of the family who lives in the home now, the better, and hovering around while your real estate agent is giving a tour may make you seem insecure about the property.

HUNT Real Estate ERA wants to give all of our clients the information they need to sell their house quickly on the open market. Make sure to visit our blog regularly to learn about the best practices you can follow to succeed in real estate.