Monday, December 8, 2014


HUNT Mortgage is offering a $1,000 guaranty to any seller that accepts a buyer's offer that has a HUNT Mortgage Pre-Purchase Commitment.

At HUNT Mortgage we recognize the fear and uncertainty of obtaining mortgage financing for both buyer and seller is not only a concern, but also has potential financial risk. That is why we developed a Pre-Purchase Commitment Program that allows you to apply before you find the home of your dreams. Many lenders offer various types of assurances such as pre qualification certificates, etc. HUNT Mortgage offers a fully underwritten commitment, subject only to collateral conditions. To make it clear to our buyers and sellers that our Pre-Purchase Commitment is the “real thing ”, we are backing it with a $1,000 guaranty. If a buyer does not close on a transaction due the mortgage “falling through” we will pay the seller $1,000. We want sellers to know and understand the difference when they are looking at an offer as opposed to an offer with a HUNT Mortgage Pre-Purchase Commitment.

Last year HUNT Mortgage began offering a pre-purchase commitment and gave potential buyers the opportunity to obtain their mortgage financing up front subject only to collateral conditions. HUNT is now putting a very bold new spin on their program by offering a $1,000 guaranty to any seller that accepts a buyer's offer that has a HUNT Mortgage pre-purchase commitment. The guaranty is to essentially assure the seller that the mortgage financing is a "done deal" states Linda C. Mallia, President of HUNT Mortgage. Mallia went on to explain that, "so many lenders offer flimsy pre-qualifications that don't stand up, we wanted our clients to understand the difference and we felt by backing it with a $1,000 guaranty buyers and sellers would take notice." Mallia also stressed that, “the guaranty doesn't cover a few items such as the property appraising and title work. Nothing can ever be fully guaranteed, but we're so confident of our pre-purchase commitment that we are willing to say we will pay a seller if we were wrong in issuing a commitment.”

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