Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Ten Artists You Must See at the Allentown Art Festival

If you live in Upstate New York, this weekend’s annual Allentown Art Festival (June 11 & 12) is an event worth marking on the calendar every year. The festival has attracted tens of thousands of visitors each summer for nearly 60 years. This year, about 400 artists will attend. While there are so many talented people to see, here’s a list of 10 can’t-miss artists.

Dave Pollot
Booth: F-69 and F-71
Dave is a painter from East Rochester, New York. He salvages traditional paintings from thrift stores and adds his own fantastic pop culture icons. The Star Wars robot BB-8 glides through a wooded landscape. Harry Potter and Ron Weasley soar over a scenic river in Ron’s dad’s car. A Mario Kart race speeds through a scenic garden. A Tardis sits by a barn. If you’re a fan of it, Dave probably has a painting of it.

Melanie and Justin McKenney
Booth: D-53
The McKenneys are ceramic artists from Grand Island, New York. The two create handmade pottery out of fruits and vegetables, a line of useable ceramics they call Vegetabowls. They make slip-casts of real fruits and vegetables and then paint the bowls to look like those foods. Think of a watermelon, coconut or acorn squash cut in half and hollowed out. If you can’t catch them at the Allentown Art Festival, stop by their walk-in studio, where you can try to glaze your own bowls.

Jennifer Born
Booth: D-94
Jennifer Born is a mixed media artist from Rochester, New York. Her distinctive style of bright colors and thick outlines carries over regardless of the medium -- prints, magnets, ornaments or jewelry. Many of her pieces have messages, like “Scatter Kindness” and “Spread Joy.” She also has a series of wooden wall hangings called Enjoyablocks. Some have fantastical trees and landscapes; others have inspirational messages, like an owl with “Believe” written on one wing.

David Emmons
Booth: D-123 and D-125
David Emmons is a metal glass artist from Wells, Vermont. He creates what he calls hanging water gardens. They’re glass vases that can be hung from anywhere; add a bit of water to the vase, and plants will grow. You can grow a variety of plants in David’s creations -- everything from flowers to herbs. David and his family make each element of the hanging water garden themselves. The vases look especially beautiful when hung in a window.

Geraldo De-Souza
Booth: A-103
Geraldo De-Souza is a bow tie artist from East Syracuse, New York. Yes, a bow tie artist. Geraldo learned to sew while growing up in West Africa. He creates his bow ties from start to finish, and only 30 of each design are made. But even though his bow ties are specialty, he wants his customers to wear them every day -- no need for a special occasion.

Here are five more artists you should make time to see:
  • David Manny is a mixed media artist from Snyder, New York. His company, Buffalo Treasures, specializes in items that showcase the beauty of the city of Buffalo. See him in Booth F-123.
  • Jen Callahan is a painter from Tappahannock, Virginia. Her colorful, whimsical paintings reveal her deep love of the ocean. See her in Booth D-61 and D-63.
  • Tracy Lizotte is a painter from Acton, Maine. Her watercolors include children, animals and nature, including delightful images like pugs drinking milkshakes. See her in D-422.
  • John Deveer is a woodworker from Davis, California. He creates everything from cutting boards to game boards to tables. See him in Booth D-421 and D-423.
  • Philip Pantano is a photographer from Tonawanda, New York. His haunting images show unique views of abandoned architecture. See him in Booth A-109.

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