Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tips for a Winter Open House in Upstate New York

Having the perfect winter open house doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. Your chances of a successful, quick sale can even increase in the winter, research shows.

Many house hunters stop the search in colder months, but determined buyers don’t let the weather deter them. Don’t spend time showing your house to vaguely interested buyers; get in front of the people who are ready to buy. Your HUNT Real Estate sales professional will help advise you on how to make your property shine, but here are some other steps you can take to show off your home with a beautiful open house that will stand out during the bitter cold season.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal can help sell a house in the spring; all you need are beautiful plants and a clean washed patio, but winter can be slightly more challenging. Be weather-aware and make sure your guests can safely walk into your house. Clear sidewalks of snow and ice. If you have a beautiful deck or outdoor patio, show it off by brushing away piled up snow or leaves. Another unfailing way to stand out is by adding some light features to your outdoor area, providing a cozy and welcoming touch.

If you are celebrating the holidays, festive lights and decorations can provide warm, fuzzy feelings, but keep it tasteful.

Clean and Open

An exquisitely designed house can’t mask a dirty one, so make sure to clean every nook and cranny and show only a sparkling clean house. By clean, we also mean not crammed with unnecessary things. Your shelves should be beautifully decorated, but not crowded.

Pay attention to all of the rooms in your house, not just the obvious ones. Every room should have a clear purpose and not be filled with miscellaneous items. Even if it’s your workout/study/kid’s projects room, choose one and stick with it for showings.

Stand-Out Features

It’s freezing outside in New York during winter. A wonderful, clean fireplace immediately makes guests feel welcome and can be the key to acing a winter open house. Clean your fireplace of extra soot and polish any glass doors with a mixture of ammonia, vinegar, and water to get it shining so your fireplace is gleaming.

Buyers appreciate unique and useful shelving and storage areas. Be sure to show off any built-in shelving or handy storage rooms your house includes.

Updated Look

Updating any old appliances, d├ęcor, or paint can improve chances of a quick sale, and you can achieve this with small, affordable changes.

The coloring of your house can change the overall vibe. If your house is too dark, adding a little light paint can work wonders to brighten it up and make it feel updated. Be sure to open curtains and let some sunshine into rooms, because no one wants a dreary house.


Another big thing to consider is the temperature; you don’t want people sweating while looking at your house. If your open house is a huge success, which it will be, consider turning the temperature down a bit lower than usual since multiple people in a house can raise the temperature. When people are uncomfortable, they won’t have a pleasant feeling and won’t be in the mood to make a big purchase.

Smells are also very important and memorable to people so make sure that your house smells nice and leaves a good impression. A good holiday candle might be just the perfect cherry on top of a decision to buy.

Convenient Time

If you want a good turnout at your open house, you must think of others’ schedules. Whether you are a huge football fan or not, many potentials buyers probably are, so don’t schedule a showing at the same time as a big game.

While your HUNT Real Estate sales professional will insure your home is properly marketed to drive traffic to your open house, it never hurts to invite people you know and create a fun, welcoming vibe. Turn to friends on social media, people in your gym class, or co-workers, and invite them or ask if they know anyone looking for a house. Take it upon yourself to help sell your house; you never know who will make the final purchase.

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