Monday, July 2, 2018

5 Tips for Staging Your Home on a Budget

blog title with dining room table with basket and oranges.
Table with black chairs, empty glasses and plates. Wall art with colors.We’ve talked about staging your home before, and with good reason: not only will it help your home appeal to more buyers, but it can also ultimately affect your home’s sale price. So it’s definitely always important to stage your home before you sell. While some people entrust the process to a professional stager, we have a few tips here that will allow you to keep the cost down and stage your home yourself. Here are a few pointers for staging your home when you’re on a budget:

1. Create an enticing entrance. Many potential buyers will spend time passing through your entryway, so you want to make it as inviting as possible. Buy an inexpensive welcome mat and place a few plants near the door if you have a front porch, and this will provide a low cost, welcoming entry point to your home.
2. Set up your rooms for entertaining. Many people want to have a home that will be conducive to entertaining their friends and family, so make sure you take this into account when staging your home. Set your table for an elegant dinner, complete with plain white plates, cloth napkins and wine glasses, so prospective homebuyers can envision themselves entertaining in the space.
Bathtub with window, bathroom sink with mirror above and towels. 3. Make your bathroom into a spa. It’s easy to create a spa-like bathroom on a budget! Replace your old mismatched colored towels with matching white towels, place them on your towel racks and replace your bath mat with a white one to match. You can also swap out your plastic shower curtain for a white fabric one to further transform your bathroom.
4. Mount mirrors. Mirrors can help your rooms feel larger and can help lighten up a dark room. Mount them where they catch the most amount of light and use different sizes and shapes to create an interesting art piece.
5. Organize and depersonalize. A clean canvas allows potential buyers to see the possibilities in your home, so make sure to organize all of the rooms in the house and remove personal photographs if at all possible. Replace those photos with a simple art piece, or replace personal photos in frames with an artistic landscape photograph. A quick way to make the home feel organized and clean is to ensure beds have clean linens, and to keep all cabinet and closet doors closed.

These quick, inexpensive changes are easy to do and can create a more polished appearance for your home. This can contribute to your home being more appealing in photographs and in person – increasing the likelihood of your home being sold, and for top dollar!