Thursday, August 9, 2018

Buffalo House Flipping Show Risky Builders airs on HGTV Tonight at 11PM!

Risky Builders, a house flipping show that takes place in Buffalo, NY, will be re-airing its pilot episode tonight on HGTV to see if it will be picked up for a full season. Co-Hosts Lorissa Naugle (an agent from the HUNT Williamsville Village branch) and Chris Naugle are thrilled to help bring the spotlight to the WNY real estate market.

"I’m really excited for Western New Yorkers to finally see their hometown being showcased so beautifully on HGTV," said Lorissa. "The Buffalo market has seen one of the biggest real estate revivals over the past few years and if Risky Builders gets a pick-up, that National recognition will mean a boost in revenue for our local businesses."

Even if the pilot doesn't get picked up, Lorissa and Chris will continue to flip homes in the WNY area. "If the pilot doesn’t get picked up, we will be devastated, but we will just have to continue to flip without the camera crews. We are really hoping the ratings are incredible enough so that doesn’t happen though!" 

Both Lorissa and Chris are thankful for the community support. "We thank everyone for their continued support in making sure their DVR’s are set and they tune in at 11pm Thursday, August 9th."

Tune into Risky Builders on HGTV tonight at 11PM!