Friday, September 28, 2018

Buffalo Bills Historic Real Estate Table

From left: Phil Scheeler, Carol Czerwiec, and Deacon Tasker
Phil Scheeler is one of the longest, active Real Estate Associate Brokers in Erie County and holds thedesignation of Realtor Emeritus. He is also an agent with HUNT Real Estate's Orchard Park branch.

Born in Buffalo, he grew up watching the team, and is long time Buffalo Bills fan. In 1971 he opened his a real estate office on East Quaker Street in Orchard Park with 8 agents. Starting in 1966 he was a one-man office.

Phil believed his clients should sign their contracts on the best quality table, so he decided to purchase a solid oak Round Table from Arthur’s local store.

In 1973, New Head Coach LOU SABAN was the first to use the Buffalo Bills Round Table. He signed in and purchased his new family home in Orchard Park, NY. Phil was proud to have LOU SABAN as his 1st Buffalo Bills customer.

Next, came 5 new Assistant Coaches who also purchased their homes from Phil. Soon, there would be other Buffalo Bills Players and Coaches who sat at the “Round Table” to sign in for their new homes.

Their names will be familiar…
JIMMY RINGO – Hall of Fame
LOU SABAN – Championship’s 1964-65
MARV LEVY – Hall of Fame

(Carol Czerwiec was the Realtor who helped Marv Levy purchase his new home) Mr. Scheeler felt the time has come to pass along the Round Table to Realtor agents who would appreciate the Bills History tied to it.

On September 20th, he passed the Table to Realtor associate Deacon Tasker, a sales professional with HUNT Buffalo. Deacon has personal ties to the Bills through his father STEVE TASKER, who played for the Bills 1986-97 and in Four Super Bowl’s.

Mr. Scheeler explained: “So now, in September 2018, it is a pleasure to recall the many, wonderful
experiences over the past 45 years. Proud to have been a part of this Buffalo Bills History.”