Friday, September 28, 2018

Popular Neighborhoods in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY is known for lots of snow and Syracuse Basketball. But there’s more to this city than just weather and the university. The US News listed Syracuse in the top 50 on their list of best places to live, and number 20 on their list for Quality of Life, a list which took into consideration “affordability, career opportunities... daily commute, access to quality education and healthcare, crime rates, and general well-being.” There are many reasons we love our city and why #WeLiveHere. Here are a few of our favorite neighborhoods in the City of Syracuse.

Tipperary Hill
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Typically referred to as “Tipp Hill” by locals, this area was originally settled by Irish immigrants. From the Irish pubs, like Coleman’s and Blarney Stone, to the nation’s only upside-down traffic light (with green on the top), this area is well-known for its Irish flair. In recent years, the Tipp Hill Neighborhood Association received a grant from the Syracuse Neighborhood Initiative to aid in the beautification of the neighborhood. There are also many neighborhood events, like the Tipp Hill Shamrock Run and the Tipp Hill Music Festival. Near shops, bars, parks, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, and Destiny USA (the area’s largest shopping and entertainment complex,) this neighborhood is a great choice.

Source: Westcott Neighborhood Association
The Westcott neighborhood is known for its collection of creative and unique residents. With its proximity to Syracuse University, residents range from SU students to Professors, artists, and everyone in between. The Westcott Neighborhood offers what their association calls, “a vibrant eastside neighborhood rich in history, culture, food, and entertainment.” Some of the best cafes and restaurants in Syracuse can be found in this neighborhood, like Recess Coffee & Roastery and Alto Cinco. Great shops are also nearby, like the vintage store Boom Babies, along with a popular concert venue, the historic Westcott Theatre. If you’re looking for a neighborhood with creative vibes, Westcott is the place for you.

Franklin Square
If you’re looking for condo or apartment living, Franklin Square has you covered. Previously an industrial park, Franklin Square was renovated to become a beautiful modern neighborhood near all the nightlife, bars, and restaurants of downtown Syracuse. MSN even listed it as a choice neighborhood on its list of top 10 Hip Hangouts. Franklin Square attracts businesses and professionals looking to be near all the action: its just steps from Hanover Square and Armory Square, both popular nightlife hotspots, and Clinton Square, a popular location for festivals and events. The Onondaga Creek Walk also runs through the neighborhood, a path which connects Downtown Syracuse to Onondaga Lake Park.

No matter where you end up in Syracuse, you’re sure to love the hometown pride that runs deep. Are you moving to the City of Syracuse? Reach out to one of our knowledgeable real estate experts and find out why we love that #WeLiveHere!