Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Setting the Stage: The Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the most important rooms to a potential homebuyer. Improvements to kitchens can significantly raise the asking price for your home, so you should discuss the options with your HUNT ERA real estate professional. If you have a kitchen in need of updates, it is important to make the best impression possible.

  • Evaluate the cabinets and countertops - If your cabinets are dated, you can simply paint them white and/or put new hardware on the doors to update their appearance. Countertops can date a kitchen but unlike cabinets, they are much less expensive to replace.
  • Evaluate the faucets - Faucets are an important accessory in the kitchen. Simply changing the faucet set on the sink can make a difference.
  • Check the condition of the flooring - The condition of your flooring will impact a potential homebuyer. If your flooring is cracked or scratched, consider replacing the flawed tiles. If your flooring is dated, consider replacing it with updated vinyl flooring.
  • Clean and declutter - Make every effort to clean your kitchen before each showing. Clear any appliances not being used on a daily basis. Clear out any pots, pans, glassware, cookbooks and other items that you may not readily need and place them into storage. Organize the items left in the cabinets as homebuyers look for storage space in the kitchen.
Are you ready to sell your home? Make sure you're prepared! Reach out to a HUNT Real Estate sales professional to help guide you through the home selling process.